Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Blog!

That's right. I have a new blog, hosted by me on my own domain name at So go check it out there instead of here now!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

What to do, what to do...

Jerome and I have been reading some stuff on blogging the last few days, and we've both come to the conclusion that it's best to get our own domains and blog there. Which I am fairly excited about... except.. It's $10 to get a domain name, which I'm starting to think won't be a problem, since it's a whole year subscription, not $10/month. Gotta be careful with money, though, especially when you don't have much to play with.

Jerome wants to buy a domain name and subscribe to hosting. Which is OK. I'm thinking it might be better to skip paying $144/year for hosting and just host it himself. It would save $144 per year AND it would be a hell of a learning experience. I installed a server program a few hours ago and tried it out. Not as hard as I thought it would be ... so far. I may have run into a problem since we already have a web server on this IP, though. Having taken a year of CISCO NETWORKING at WNCC (cost over $1000 not including books for one year consisting of 4 classes - 1 per quarter), I remembered ports, and a general, but limited, knowledge of ports and was able to get my server to work by specifying my port. I just hope I can do the same thing with my domain name. If not, then it looks like I'll be scratching the idea of getting a domain. I'm definitely not going to pay $100+ per year for hosting.. even though it doesn't seem like that much. It's a very interesting scenario, that I'm going about on my own (well, except for Jer, but he's fairly clueless about this stuff too.. unless there's something he isn't telling me), without a great deal of direct, thorough explanations from people that can recite what to do. As in, there's nobody standing behind my pointing out stuff and telling me exactly what to do to get it to work. Some of it I've found out on my own, some of it I've found out by looking at message boards (so far just hints), some of it by the instructions (on the server), even though they were fairly general too. This is actually pretty exciting. I am absolutely looking forward to making it work.... and kicking Jer's ass foaming pirahna style with my blog while he is in Europe. Maybe I'll learn flash and make a video of my blog pwning him. That would be pretty sweet.

Update to previous post

This post about a guy that killed a 12 year old apparently has a flaw in it. The guy, they say, is a legal permanent resident. He was, however, arrested for something to do with immigration. Don't know what, though.

Nope, he's not illegal. Instead, he's a "sex offender." He's a perv. A deviant. A sicko. And not just once. He was charged with raping a relative a long time ago. But they plea bargained it down to just first degree incest (pleas are some of the dumbest things possible.. topic for future post). And since, he has been let out, even though they know he is a psycho. And now he is the suspect (well, let's face it. He probably did it) in two murders. This should be evidence (or proof) that you CAN'T let these freaks out of prison. THEY CANNOT BE REHABILITATED.

But it's just so bad to be so mean to these people that rape and kill! We can't keep them locked up forever! That would be torture! That would be unfair! That wouldn't be right! That would be a violation of their rights! .......

I wish people that said stuff like this (all the bleeding heart libs, pretty much every democrat in congress) could see how stupid they sound. This is how it's becoming with everything. If I want to own a gun, I can't. ... Because I might kill someone with it since I don't know how to use a gun as well as the officials in the government that make the laws (remember when Feinstein went in front of a room full of people with an AK with a 30 shot clip in and was pointing it toward the audience?) They'll throw me in jail and hope I rot there forever for having a gun, but if a thug stabs someone, they'll want to make sure he has a fair trial and doesn't have to stay in prison too long. Politicians are frustrating.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My views on Iraq

The situation in Iraq has been talked about by just about everyone under the sun. If you haven't heard about it yet, you either live under a rock or in the forests of Africa with the monkies... ok, or South America. Or maybe some parts of China. I don't think I've heard anyone with a view the same as mine. Some have been similar, some pretty close. I also think the whole thing about Iraq ties into the discussion of "peaceful" Muslims as well, which I believe are non-existant.

I think going into Iraq was right. I believe there were WMDs. I think after 9/11 that we HAD to do something, after 2 terms of Clinton that did literally nothing of any importance to stop any terrorists. Everyone SAID, before it was cool to hate the war, that Saddam was everything that everyone was told before we went into Iraq. Anyway, I think it was the right thing to do.

I think the big problems now are Bush's weakness to stick up for himself and the war, our entire government's unwillingness to kick ass (because we don't want to hurt any civilians!), international "human rights" organizations that just want to tell us what we can't do because it's not "humane" and it might "offend" someone, and finally, the "news" companies that constantly spout everything they can to demoralize us and raise the morale of the terrorists. I'm offended every day by all kinds of crap on TV that's reported as news, and the terrorists sure are humane by slitting throats, right? These idiot groups are more worried about our handling of the Koran than they are about what the assholes we're fighting slitting throats while being taped! It would be nice if our entire government got up and told these fruits to take a walk, but they won't, and it looks like Bush won't either.

I think if Bush would have just given a speech and outlined a few points with powerful words in a powerful way (with a spine), more people in America might understand a little better. If he would have just explained WHY we are there, what has to be done to win, and what happens if we don't win, thoroughly and in a concrete way, everything would be better off. Tell the people that we were attacked for years before 9/11, and on 9/11, we were attacked here in America by a bunch of Arab Muslims, and that after 9/11, it was decided it was time to stop the BS. We took out a thug that was, according to everyone, everwhere, not on our side and willing to help the terrorists (which hasn't been disproven. As of now, it's up in the air.)

In order to stop these terrorists, since it's religion-based (out of the Middle East) and they don't fear death like we do, the only way to stop them is to destroy them, their will, their incentives before they willingly destroy themselves while taking you along with them. We aren't fighting Nazis this time, many of whom didn't really like the idea of being killed. This time we are fighting people who will gladly die to kill you. We need to eradicate the incentive for people to become terrorists.

The incentive for a terrorist is simply that destroying us, the infidels, gets them access to Allah's glory. If they die in the process of doing Allah's work, they are praised, made martyrs, and put on Allah's VIP list. Hence, they don't fear death. Why fear death if there's paradise awaiting them and they can do what it takes to be put on the VIP list and go straight to paradise at the same tme? But there are some things they fear. They fear humiliation and pig blood. Burning their bodies also seems to be a no-no. Which is perfect! We should let them all know that if we catch them, they will be humiliated and pictures will be shown around. Then we will dunk them in pig blood, removing any chance of them going on Allah's VIP list. Then we'll execute them. We shouldn't have a problem doing that, since our government and the "human rights" groups of the world are OK with them cutting heads off of our guys and burning their bodies. If we could remove their incentive, they would stop. Take away the end goal, paradise, and they will no longer be so willing to die. I know this will piss a lot of people off, and I will be called a meanie and intolerant, but I'm tired of having to tolerate them openly and freely blowing themselves up. We are so tolerant and unwilling to stop them, that they will never stop. These people can't be locked up in a POW camp (which will also be gone in a few years with our ultra-criminal-tolerant government and society) until this is over and expected to go about their normal civilian life. If we lock them up and let them go later, they will just try harder next time.

Last of the 3 Bush speech points, Bush needs to just explain that they will not stop until one side runs out of people. It doesn't matter what we do, they will attempt to destroy us until we are all dead or they are all dead. It's us or them.

One major thing that needs to be changed is our strategy. Patrolling streets with humvees (that aren't supposed to have armor. Humvees are NOT armored vehicles) waiting to be shot at or blown up with a roadside bomb doesn't work. We should be sending tanks into the places they can go. And when our soldiers are shot at, they should determine where it's coming from (which building, for example. Not which story of which building, just which building), and the tanks should annihilate the building. This also provides more incentive for the people in the city to help us out. Tell us where the terrorists are, where they go, etc., and your buildings won't have to be destroyed.

I'm not trying to be a total careless asshole about this. I would rather have nobody die. The sad fact is that it can't be avoided. 3,000 people died on 9/11, after years and years of continued bombings and harassment from the same people with no action taken to stop them. If we just sit around like we did in the '90s, after the first WTC attack, then the attacks on us will not stop. People will still die. People will die in this overall conflict until the people that want the destruction, want the deaths, want the trouble are stopped. They want to kill us? They openly attack us? Fine, then we will react and defend ourselves. The only thing we have to gain by stopping them is to prevent more death and destruction in the future, on both sides.

We in America are the nicest people in the world if nobody messes with us. But if someone does decide to mess with us, we won't tolerate it.

Phew this is a long post. I wonder how many people will make it this far... Ciao for now!

Thank the Heavens for YouTube!

As I sit here listening to, and sometimes watching, Metallica's Harvester of Sorrow (live Seattle '89 version), I can't help thinking where I (and many others, I suppose) would be without YouTube around to provide us all with so much entertainment and joy. Without YouTube, I would be stuck listening to... well, either nothing or the crappy radio. But, thanks to YouTube, I can listen to all the Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, The Verve Pipe, Pink Floyd, Bush, George Carlin, prank drive-throughs, banned VW commercials, SNL Celebrity Jeopardy, BlackAndRight (Bob Parks), and POWERTHIRST videos that I want, whenever I want. Hooray for that. The only thing YouTube needs now is a thingy to read your mind and tell you songs you know from a long time ago, but have since forgotten, and want to hear again. Or a thingy to tell you "EY, you'll need this song pretty soon, so here it is." Man, I could have used that service a few weeks ago. Two Edwin McCain videos could havemade an assload of difference. But since I didn't remember Edwin McCain's stuff from years ago, I didn't have the videos (or the songs even), until about 1 day too late.

Yea, that pretty much sums up my YouTube habits. A lot of Metallica. And a lot of stuff I knew a long time ago, but not as much as Metallica. It's great, too, since I don't have to get up and buy a DVD with music videos, or sign up for crappy iTunes. Without YouTube, a lot of people would probably die from lack of music and funny videos. And because they are too cheap and lazy to buy the stuff... like me, except I'm superhuman and don't have to worry about kicking my bucket and falling into a 6 foot hole, where I begin to sprout daisies when I'm covered up by drunk illegal asshat aliens, over YouTube. Hooray for YouTube!

Friday, July 13, 2007

WHEN Will These Illegals Be Thrown OUT?

Here's another one to add to the list. I can't believe ... ok, I can believe how idiotic our politicians are (they are politicians after all). They care nothing for the people of the country (or their locale) that they represent. They ONLY care about doing what they want. So now we continue to have the borders wide open, with the Democrats and Bush and several Republicans wanting to open them up more, and only a few that are sticking up for the best interest of America the Nation, and the American citizens. It won't take much more of this before a civil war starts. Politicians can't stop being politicians, illegals pouring in and causing problems (killing, stealing, hit and runs..), and people that are tired of it. This problem is so old, and all our lazy, stupid, thieving ($4k pay raise in the last few weeks, for doing NOTHING) politicians want to do is make it easier for the lawbreakers to break the law, or just make that no longer illegal, instead of doing what is best for the country.


What a day!

Just sitting here, listening to Michael Savage, listening to him and thinking about the good ol' days at the same time. Chatting with Jer, trying to think up some neat ideas, and "arguing" over the biggest unanswerable question ever... It started out that way, anyway. It turned into another unanswerable question. Don't think it is as big of a question as the first one though.. Something to post about soon. No wonder I'm going bald!

Well, I suppose today has been a little better than the last two weeks, generally speaking. My friend still doesn't have the internet or phone back, which totally sucks. I was hoping I wouldn't have to go another whole weekend without talking to her, but I guess I'm gonna have to now. Which reminds me: Today is FRIDAY! It's too bad Friday doesn't mean much anymore. It used to be great -- no school until Monday! But now there is no school at all. Fridays are no longer as "hooray" as they used to be.

Other than that, I worked on my program some more. It's always almost done. I never get around to actually finishing it because I keep getting new ideas. And then I find some bugs, since I do all the testing as well. So I'm always busy with it. Pretty soon I'm going to have to talk to a lawyer about making a license for it. If anyone has any info on software licenses, or knows someone that knows something about them, like a lawyer specializing in stuff like this, lemme know. I have to say, I've come a long way with this program. When I started back in late December or early January, I hardly knew anything about .NET. Now a lot of it is a breeze. If anyone knows someone that sells Avon, I may have something for them coming up pretty soon. I'll be sure to let everyone know...

I added some more stuff to my blog as well. Changed a few things around, added some stuff here and there. Interesting stuff. I wish I had started this long ago. Next step: GET READERS!

Lastly, from what I remember, I played some Asheron's Call earlier today. For those that don't know, Asheron's Call is an MMORPG created by Turbine. I have been playing it for 7 and a half years now. I started in January 2000. A month before I started, I thought the game was the biggest piece of crap ever. It looks like I was wrong here, which I'm fairly glad I was wrong. If anyone starts playing and needs a monarchy, Katfood's Mage is the one. All we really did on it today was put all of our rare items on one character so they weren't spread out over dozens of characters. I was going to help a n00b then, but he logged before we went anywhere. So then I logged too and haven't been on since.


Hooray, I am a member of Technorati!

Technorati Profile

First blog post EVAR!

Well, hello, readers of my blog. My name is Jon. My nickname has become J, starting 5-6 years ago on the internet as a result of just needing something to call me AND not wanting to tell people my real name right off the bat. J worked just fine. Some of this is already in my "About Me" section (as of this posting), but not in very much detail. I am 20 years old, living in Northern Nevada, the best place in the world to live. Having driven (or been driven) to Ohio twice, then south to Kentucky and then on to Tennessee, I would have to say the "monotony" of sand, salt flats, sagebrush, and mountains in Nevada beats the turds out of the actual monotony of corn and soybeans in the midwest and grass and trees east of that. Just about everywhere that's not the intermountain desert west sucks.

I am pretty much always on the computer. I am usually working on my programming. Sometimes I'm playing games, most notably Asheron's Call. I am typically chatting with people no matter what else I'm doing.

I enjoy shooting guns a lot. I have been shooting in some form since I was 5. I shot competitively in 3rd and 4th grade before taking a break until 10th grade. The last two years I shot, I won upwards of 50 trophies and awards from trap shooting. Most, if not all, first place. I stopped shooting trap again after my senior year. Since then, interests have moved away from shotgun sports and more toward non-competitive rifle shooting. There's nothing more fun than walking around the desert with an AK looking for rabbits... except finding one and shooting at it, even if every shot is a miss.

I am a purveyor of some typically unimportant, useless information. I am completely fascinated with outer space, geology, and weather, and how the heck computers work. Metallica is the best ever. I usually get writer's block fairly easily... like right now. Wait... here something comes...

I am usually pretty heavy into politics. I am VERY conservative, generally more than Savage is. I listen to the radio from 9AM-10PM every weekday as of this Monday, and usually just Rush on the weekends. I can't stand Hannity. He is usually weak and lets his callers walk and talk all over him. He says the same few lines over and over again. His argument usually goes in a circle, and he never drives a point home. Rush, Savage, and Levin (thank God they replaced O'Reilly with Levin on Monday.. about time!) are by the best.

Phew, well, I guess I'll cut off the basics for now. I'm sure as time goes on I will be posting about everything on here and the stuff I missed. Now I need to figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of today... Hmmm..