Friday, July 13, 2007

WHEN Will These Illegals Be Thrown OUT?

Here's another one to add to the list. I can't believe ... ok, I can believe how idiotic our politicians are (they are politicians after all). They care nothing for the people of the country (or their locale) that they represent. They ONLY care about doing what they want. So now we continue to have the borders wide open, with the Democrats and Bush and several Republicans wanting to open them up more, and only a few that are sticking up for the best interest of America the Nation, and the American citizens. It won't take much more of this before a civil war starts. Politicians can't stop being politicians, illegals pouring in and causing problems (killing, stealing, hit and runs..), and people that are tired of it. This problem is so old, and all our lazy, stupid, thieving ($4k pay raise in the last few weeks, for doing NOTHING) politicians want to do is make it easier for the lawbreakers to break the law, or just make that no longer illegal, instead of doing what is best for the country.


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