Saturday, July 14, 2007

My views on Iraq

The situation in Iraq has been talked about by just about everyone under the sun. If you haven't heard about it yet, you either live under a rock or in the forests of Africa with the monkies... ok, or South America. Or maybe some parts of China. I don't think I've heard anyone with a view the same as mine. Some have been similar, some pretty close. I also think the whole thing about Iraq ties into the discussion of "peaceful" Muslims as well, which I believe are non-existant.

I think going into Iraq was right. I believe there were WMDs. I think after 9/11 that we HAD to do something, after 2 terms of Clinton that did literally nothing of any importance to stop any terrorists. Everyone SAID, before it was cool to hate the war, that Saddam was everything that everyone was told before we went into Iraq. Anyway, I think it was the right thing to do.

I think the big problems now are Bush's weakness to stick up for himself and the war, our entire government's unwillingness to kick ass (because we don't want to hurt any civilians!), international "human rights" organizations that just want to tell us what we can't do because it's not "humane" and it might "offend" someone, and finally, the "news" companies that constantly spout everything they can to demoralize us and raise the morale of the terrorists. I'm offended every day by all kinds of crap on TV that's reported as news, and the terrorists sure are humane by slitting throats, right? These idiot groups are more worried about our handling of the Koran than they are about what the assholes we're fighting slitting throats while being taped! It would be nice if our entire government got up and told these fruits to take a walk, but they won't, and it looks like Bush won't either.

I think if Bush would have just given a speech and outlined a few points with powerful words in a powerful way (with a spine), more people in America might understand a little better. If he would have just explained WHY we are there, what has to be done to win, and what happens if we don't win, thoroughly and in a concrete way, everything would be better off. Tell the people that we were attacked for years before 9/11, and on 9/11, we were attacked here in America by a bunch of Arab Muslims, and that after 9/11, it was decided it was time to stop the BS. We took out a thug that was, according to everyone, everwhere, not on our side and willing to help the terrorists (which hasn't been disproven. As of now, it's up in the air.)

In order to stop these terrorists, since it's religion-based (out of the Middle East) and they don't fear death like we do, the only way to stop them is to destroy them, their will, their incentives before they willingly destroy themselves while taking you along with them. We aren't fighting Nazis this time, many of whom didn't really like the idea of being killed. This time we are fighting people who will gladly die to kill you. We need to eradicate the incentive for people to become terrorists.

The incentive for a terrorist is simply that destroying us, the infidels, gets them access to Allah's glory. If they die in the process of doing Allah's work, they are praised, made martyrs, and put on Allah's VIP list. Hence, they don't fear death. Why fear death if there's paradise awaiting them and they can do what it takes to be put on the VIP list and go straight to paradise at the same tme? But there are some things they fear. They fear humiliation and pig blood. Burning their bodies also seems to be a no-no. Which is perfect! We should let them all know that if we catch them, they will be humiliated and pictures will be shown around. Then we will dunk them in pig blood, removing any chance of them going on Allah's VIP list. Then we'll execute them. We shouldn't have a problem doing that, since our government and the "human rights" groups of the world are OK with them cutting heads off of our guys and burning their bodies. If we could remove their incentive, they would stop. Take away the end goal, paradise, and they will no longer be so willing to die. I know this will piss a lot of people off, and I will be called a meanie and intolerant, but I'm tired of having to tolerate them openly and freely blowing themselves up. We are so tolerant and unwilling to stop them, that they will never stop. These people can't be locked up in a POW camp (which will also be gone in a few years with our ultra-criminal-tolerant government and society) until this is over and expected to go about their normal civilian life. If we lock them up and let them go later, they will just try harder next time.

Last of the 3 Bush speech points, Bush needs to just explain that they will not stop until one side runs out of people. It doesn't matter what we do, they will attempt to destroy us until we are all dead or they are all dead. It's us or them.

One major thing that needs to be changed is our strategy. Patrolling streets with humvees (that aren't supposed to have armor. Humvees are NOT armored vehicles) waiting to be shot at or blown up with a roadside bomb doesn't work. We should be sending tanks into the places they can go. And when our soldiers are shot at, they should determine where it's coming from (which building, for example. Not which story of which building, just which building), and the tanks should annihilate the building. This also provides more incentive for the people in the city to help us out. Tell us where the terrorists are, where they go, etc., and your buildings won't have to be destroyed.

I'm not trying to be a total careless asshole about this. I would rather have nobody die. The sad fact is that it can't be avoided. 3,000 people died on 9/11, after years and years of continued bombings and harassment from the same people with no action taken to stop them. If we just sit around like we did in the '90s, after the first WTC attack, then the attacks on us will not stop. People will still die. People will die in this overall conflict until the people that want the destruction, want the deaths, want the trouble are stopped. They want to kill us? They openly attack us? Fine, then we will react and defend ourselves. The only thing we have to gain by stopping them is to prevent more death and destruction in the future, on both sides.

We in America are the nicest people in the world if nobody messes with us. But if someone does decide to mess with us, we won't tolerate it.

Phew this is a long post. I wonder how many people will make it this far... Ciao for now!

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