Sunday, July 15, 2007

Update to previous post

This post about a guy that killed a 12 year old apparently has a flaw in it. The guy, they say, is a legal permanent resident. He was, however, arrested for something to do with immigration. Don't know what, though.

Nope, he's not illegal. Instead, he's a "sex offender." He's a perv. A deviant. A sicko. And not just once. He was charged with raping a relative a long time ago. But they plea bargained it down to just first degree incest (pleas are some of the dumbest things possible.. topic for future post). And since, he has been let out, even though they know he is a psycho. And now he is the suspect (well, let's face it. He probably did it) in two murders. This should be evidence (or proof) that you CAN'T let these freaks out of prison. THEY CANNOT BE REHABILITATED.

But it's just so bad to be so mean to these people that rape and kill! We can't keep them locked up forever! That would be torture! That would be unfair! That wouldn't be right! That would be a violation of their rights! .......

I wish people that said stuff like this (all the bleeding heart libs, pretty much every democrat in congress) could see how stupid they sound. This is how it's becoming with everything. If I want to own a gun, I can't. ... Because I might kill someone with it since I don't know how to use a gun as well as the officials in the government that make the laws (remember when Feinstein went in front of a room full of people with an AK with a 30 shot clip in and was pointing it toward the audience?) They'll throw me in jail and hope I rot there forever for having a gun, but if a thug stabs someone, they'll want to make sure he has a fair trial and doesn't have to stay in prison too long. Politicians are frustrating.


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