Friday, July 13, 2007

What a day!

Just sitting here, listening to Michael Savage, listening to him and thinking about the good ol' days at the same time. Chatting with Jer, trying to think up some neat ideas, and "arguing" over the biggest unanswerable question ever... It started out that way, anyway. It turned into another unanswerable question. Don't think it is as big of a question as the first one though.. Something to post about soon. No wonder I'm going bald!

Well, I suppose today has been a little better than the last two weeks, generally speaking. My friend still doesn't have the internet or phone back, which totally sucks. I was hoping I wouldn't have to go another whole weekend without talking to her, but I guess I'm gonna have to now. Which reminds me: Today is FRIDAY! It's too bad Friday doesn't mean much anymore. It used to be great -- no school until Monday! But now there is no school at all. Fridays are no longer as "hooray" as they used to be.

Other than that, I worked on my program some more. It's always almost done. I never get around to actually finishing it because I keep getting new ideas. And then I find some bugs, since I do all the testing as well. So I'm always busy with it. Pretty soon I'm going to have to talk to a lawyer about making a license for it. If anyone has any info on software licenses, or knows someone that knows something about them, like a lawyer specializing in stuff like this, lemme know. I have to say, I've come a long way with this program. When I started back in late December or early January, I hardly knew anything about .NET. Now a lot of it is a breeze. If anyone knows someone that sells Avon, I may have something for them coming up pretty soon. I'll be sure to let everyone know...

I added some more stuff to my blog as well. Changed a few things around, added some stuff here and there. Interesting stuff. I wish I had started this long ago. Next step: GET READERS!

Lastly, from what I remember, I played some Asheron's Call earlier today. For those that don't know, Asheron's Call is an MMORPG created by Turbine. I have been playing it for 7 and a half years now. I started in January 2000. A month before I started, I thought the game was the biggest piece of crap ever. It looks like I was wrong here, which I'm fairly glad I was wrong. If anyone starts playing and needs a monarchy, Katfood's Mage is the one. All we really did on it today was put all of our rare items on one character so they weren't spread out over dozens of characters. I was going to help a n00b then, but he logged before we went anywhere. So then I logged too and haven't been on since.

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