Sunday, July 15, 2007

What to do, what to do...

Jerome and I have been reading some stuff on blogging the last few days, and we've both come to the conclusion that it's best to get our own domains and blog there. Which I am fairly excited about... except.. It's $10 to get a domain name, which I'm starting to think won't be a problem, since it's a whole year subscription, not $10/month. Gotta be careful with money, though, especially when you don't have much to play with.

Jerome wants to buy a domain name and subscribe to hosting. Which is OK. I'm thinking it might be better to skip paying $144/year for hosting and just host it himself. It would save $144 per year AND it would be a hell of a learning experience. I installed a server program a few hours ago and tried it out. Not as hard as I thought it would be ... so far. I may have run into a problem since we already have a web server on this IP, though. Having taken a year of CISCO NETWORKING at WNCC (cost over $1000 not including books for one year consisting of 4 classes - 1 per quarter), I remembered ports, and a general, but limited, knowledge of ports and was able to get my server to work by specifying my port. I just hope I can do the same thing with my domain name. If not, then it looks like I'll be scratching the idea of getting a domain. I'm definitely not going to pay $100+ per year for hosting.. even though it doesn't seem like that much. It's a very interesting scenario, that I'm going about on my own (well, except for Jer, but he's fairly clueless about this stuff too.. unless there's something he isn't telling me), without a great deal of direct, thorough explanations from people that can recite what to do. As in, there's nobody standing behind my pointing out stuff and telling me exactly what to do to get it to work. Some of it I've found out on my own, some of it I've found out by looking at message boards (so far just hints), some of it by the instructions (on the server), even though they were fairly general too. This is actually pretty exciting. I am absolutely looking forward to making it work.... and kicking Jer's ass foaming pirahna style with my blog while he is in Europe. Maybe I'll learn flash and make a video of my blog pwning him. That would be pretty sweet.

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